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Ricoh MP 161 Copier Rental in Karachi

Whether you work in a small office or workgroup, your office needs are diverse yet precise. The Ricoh MP 161 Copier Rental in Karachi has exactly what it takes to meet them. Copying, printing, colour scanning and full networkability: this is a perfect match for everyone. Furthermore,  The MP 161 LN is highly reliable and user-friendly, providing standard duplexing, attractive paper handling and fast operation. Compact, convenient and cost-effective, these office partners are ready to optimise your specific workflow!

Ricoh MP 161 Copier Rental in Karachi

• Fast copying and duplexing.
• Easy document feeding.
• Standard network printing.
• Network TWAIN colour scanning.
• Small footprint.


With no time to waste, you need an office device that is easy to install, operate and maintain. Designed with ease of use in mind, the MP 161LN offers:

• Simple plug and play installation.
• Full front accessibility.
• A straightforward operation panel with LED light.
Standard equipped to suit your exact needs
Your entire document flow covered


Equipment you can fully depend on is crucial in your fast-paced office. With the MP 161LN you can rest assured. Building on years of experience and technological innovation, Moreover, these digital systems offer a whole new level of professionalism.


• Small footprint.
• Space-efficient, compact design with handy internal output tray.
• Fits anywhere in the office without intruding on valuable work space.

Photocopier Machine on rent in Karachi

Copier House also provides the facility of Photocopier Machine on rent in Karachi, its wide range of customers like manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and banks.

Photocopier Rental

As office equipment goes, a photocopier/printer is a pretty important staple. But as with many things, what works for one business might not be right for another.

In fact, lots of businesses make the mistake of buying a large and expensive copier, when in fact their needs are very low or short-term. For many, renting a photocopier, either temporarily or long-term makes far more sense.
If you’re short on time, go ahead and call our sale representative to receive tailored quotes that fit your need and get best photocopier machine on rent.