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Photocopy machine for rent Ricoh MP C3000

The productive Photocopy machine for rent Ricoh MP C3000 is a 150,000-impression per month copier, printer, and scanner; fax upgrades are available if needed. Color will not slow you down; the Ricoh AFICIO MP C3000 has the same print speed whether you are printing monochrome pages or color. Furthermore, letter-sized documents are dispersed at a rate of 30 pages-per-minute.

Photocopy machine for rent Ricoh MP C3000

The control panel is easy to use; it offers animated guidance, full-color display, and enlargeable options making programming print jobs a breeze. Furthermore, toner cartridges are simple to replace and put forward robust yields; the black toner (884962) has a projected yield of 20,000 pages at 5 percent and cyan (884965), magenta (884964), and yellow (884963) each have an estimated yield of 15,000 pages at 5 percent.

Standard paper capacity on the Ricoh AFICIO MP C3000 is generous at 1,100 sheets. Sources stem from the dual 500-sheet drawers and 100-sheet multipurpose tray. Additional paper banks are available to reach the maximum capacity of 3,100 sheets. Moreover, each tray has size variations that can accommodate different paper styles.

Photocopier Machine on rent in Karachi

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Photocopier Rental

As office equipment goes, a photocopier/printer is a pretty important staple. But as with many things, what works for one business might not be right for another.

In fact, lots of businesses make the mistake of buying a large and expensive copier, when in fact their needs are very low or short-term. For many, renting a photocopier, either temporarily or long-term makes far more sense.
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Photocopier in Karachi

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