Photocopier for rent in Karachi Ricoh 3045

Photocopier for rent in Karachi Ricoh 3045

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Designed for speed and efficiency, the Photocopier for rent in Karachi Ricoh 3045 is a 45 page-per-minute copier. You can transform Ricoh AFICIO 3045 into a multi functional device by adding the printer, scanner, and/or fax options So, this choice is excellent for growing businesses.

Ricoh large monthly duty rate 100,000 impressions this robust amount will be able to keep up with busy document traffic.

Ricoh AFICIO 3045 will take single-sided input and convert it to double-sided output as a result this will reduce your paper consumption by up to half and condense hard copy storage.

Photocopier for rent in Karachi Ricoh 3045

The up gradable feature involves the memory it starts at 128 MB RAM. You can increase to 384 MB RAM. Moreover, the toner cartridge (888185) for the Ricoh AFICIO 3045 has a projected page yield of 30,000.

It is available in both the genuine Ricoh brand and Precision compatible.

Anytime, Anywhere Document Retrieval

Document mall allows employees to securely store, edit, share and retrieve documents and files from their PCs via the Internet and securely scan hard copy documents directly from Ricoh 3035 and 3045 M F P s So, this powerful document management application is accessible 24/7.

It provides businesses with a managed and hosted off-site environment that allows knowledge workers in remote locations.

Safeguard Network and Information Assets

We design Ricoh 3035/3045 Series advanced security solutions to help safeguard your network.

• Protect temporary data stored on the hard drive with Ricoh’s Data Overwrite Security System.

• With Ricoh’s Removable Hard Drive, You can remove and store Ricoh 3035/3045 Series’ hard drive in a secure location.

6 Benefits of renting a photocopier

Renting a photocopier is not only a cheap option (as demonstrated above), but it has a lot of other benefits:

1. Flexible contracts

Big project coming up? Only need a copier for a few months? A few weeks? No problem. The main advantage of renting a photocopier is the flexibility to choose how long you have it for.

2.Freedom to change models

Business booming and need an upgrade? Get in touch with us. Renting a photocopier machine gives you the flexibility to change models as your business changes. We will be in touch with you that will assist your business stay flexible.

3.Fast and free delivery, installation and training

We offer complementary installation and training, so you can use full advantage and stress-free work.

4.Improved Cash Flow

With renting you don’t need to lay out a huge amount of money in one go. There is no deposit required so there is no significant cash outflow from your budget. Your cost is divided into small amounts throughout your contract. You can then use your cash more effectively by investing it in other areas of your business. You can grow your company and still get the Photocopier Machine that you need.

5.The trouble with buying

It’s great to invest in a piece of photocopy machine that you know your company will use for a long period of time. However, there are a few cons to buying a copier. Maintenance is one big issue. It can be quite expensive if you own the unit. As the owner, you are solely responsible for your machine if it breaks down. If it is out of warranty, expect the costs of repair and maintenance to be high.

6.Toner and Parts Cost

Another aspect is the toner and parts cost. You should have a constant supply of them especially if you use your machine all the time. You need to purchase a replacement every time it runs out. That is an additional running cost. You may find yourself spending a significant amount of money on photocopier toner and other consumables.

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